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Karin Uzumaki is a student at Konoha High School in the same class as Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Sasuke, Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru, Neji, and Tenten. She is also Sakura's love rival, in effect making her a "Minor" Antagonist.


Karin is an outgoing person who is commonly seen showing off and who would do anything to obtain Sasuke's love, who she has a crush on. This crush has developed, though, and she eventually confesses to Sasuke that she had truly loved him all along. She can be quite possessive over him, as shown when he taunted Sakura for even being near Sasuke.

She also enjoys fashion and shopping, as she is casually seen in the mall with her friends shopping for clothes. She can appear tough and in control at times, and is often seen giving Suigetsu a punishment, or even a beating up someone she dislikes.


Karin has red eyes and red hair which she wears in an unusual hairstyle: her hair is short and spiky on the right side, while longer and straight on the left side giving half her hair the appearance of being unkempt on one side, while the other side is. She wears black, round glasses as well. She wears the standard Konoha Gakuen uniform for girls as well.

First year Edit

She is first introduced in chapter 1,where she picks a fight with Ino,Hinata,and Sakura.However,Sakura insists the others that they get out of the comfort room.However,Karin calls her a coward,which leads to Sakura stating that she never wanted to lower herself down to her level,which makes Karin thump her from behind.However,as Sasuke was passing by,he catches Sakura in time,which makes Karin stare in awe.However,when Sasuke leaves,she and her friends thought that Sakura annoyed him for sure.

At chapter 2,she is seen at the mall,shopping with the girls from earlier.When one of the girls spot Sakura with Sasuke,they assumed they were on a date.When Sakura arrives at the comfort room,she tries to make her fall for her weakest point,in order to cut her hair.However,in the end,she disliked the results,so she and the girls leave,which attracted Sasuke's attention.

Second year Edit

Karin is still the same mean provocative girl but this time she have Sasuke .It's unknown when they got together .

Karin vs sakura

At first episode of second season Karin and Sasuke are back from trip in Hawaii .After trip they wanted to visit cafe .On their way they saw Sakura .While Sasuke was in toilet Karin had provoked Sakura telling her she isn't able to save boyfriend .Sakura got up and punched Karin.When Sasuke got back from toilet Karin was on floor bleeding and he blame Sakura while Sakura was trying to explain him what happen .In end Karen gave evil smile to Sakura .At night Sasuke asked what happen in cafe but Karin didn't answer him .


Karin kissing Sugetsu

While time were passing Sasuke got closer again with his old friends ,but not with Sakura too .In episode 3 of season 2 Naruto was trying to convince Sasuke to forgive Sakura and be friends with her but Karin interrupted their conversation .The same day while Karin was washing dishes Sasuke got in kitchen and hugged Karin from back and asked her why did she interrupted him and Naruto .Karin kept washing dishes pretending not to hear him .Last thing Sasuke said to her was that he fells nothing to Sakura .Karin was obviously believe it until on her birthday where Sasuke left because Sakura broke her leg .Karin got to bar and she gets drunk where she met Suigetsu .In the morning she saw herself in Suigetsu's bed .She talked to Suigetsu and convinced him to tell nothing to Sasuke .When she came home Sasuke was waiting her looking for explanation why she wasn't there last night .She didn't answer him and was ignoring him for two days .In episode 7 Sasuke said he wants to get their relationship to a higher level and that he is making surprise for her tonight .However when he tried to kiss her she pushed him .At end of season she broke up with him and at sometime got together with Sugetsu .

Final episode Edit

Karin started to studied tombs in Egypt with her husband and children .



Karin's FriendsEdit

KHS Chap 2 Page 4 English by Onihikage

Karin and her friends shopping in the mall.

They always follow Karin around, always stating that "they're number one". They were first seen in Chapter 1, trying to pick a fight with Ino, Hinata and Sakura when they were in the comfort room. They appear again in Chapter 2 assisting Karin in cutting off Sakura's hair.They also appear at most times around with Karin,however,after Karin befriended Juugo,they all but disappear towards the story.

Sakura HarunoEdit


Karin Fist Sakura

Sakura and Karin were both in love with Sasuke for some time, for this reason they hate each other and fight on almost every encounter they have, becoming "love rivals". Through most of their fighting is just verbal, Karin proved at times that she can resort to violence in order to get Sakura away from Sasuke. Keeping in mind that Sasuke likes long-haired girls, she cuts Sakura's hair against her will on the mall's bathroom, although she got scared of her result. After Sasuke declared his love for Sakura in public, Karin was very shocked and Sakura commented that "she didn't bother again".
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Karin and Sakura in bathroom

However, on the Return to Class arc, she was seen spreading rumours to complicate Sakura and Sasuke's relationship, meaning that she still hated Sakura, through she didn't know it was her who spread the rumours.

In second season their hate grown more when Karin become Sasuke's girlfriend .Karin had provoked Sakura how she losed Sasuke which forced Sakura to slap and yell at Karin .It's not known in which relationship they are now .

Sasuke UchihaEdit

Karin had a crush on Sasuke since the beginning of the series, although Sasuke never acknowledged her. After she cut Sakura's hair because she felt threatened by it, Sasuke starts disliking her. However, in the Return to Class arc, Karin is shown to have not given up on Sasuke, and confesses to him that all she did was because she truly loved him. She does not get a response, though, and walks away.

After Sasuke broke up with Sakura, Sasuke joins Karin's circle of friends, which included Juugo and Suigetsu as well.In season two Sasuke and Karin got together in serious relationship .Karin was very happy when Sasuke had stand in her defense when she and Sakura had fight in cafe.Even if Karin was in love with Sasuke she started having feelings for Suigetsu after she slept with him.At the night when she and Sasuke were suppose to have their 'first time' Karin pushed Sasuke when he tried to kiss her .In the end she broke up with Sasuke .It's known that Sasuke was godfather to one of their children.

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Suigetsu teasing Karin

Suigetsu HozukiEdit

Suigetsu and Karin were shown to be friends while Naruto and Neji fought in Preparing for the exams arc. It is later revealed that they attend the same class, and have been friends for some time. Suigetsu seems to enjoy teasing Karin,especially about her crush on Sasuke, and it has been suggested that he could have feelings for her more than once.In season two Karin and Suigetsu had 'one night stand' which was reason why broke up with Sasuke .In final episode it's shown that they are married and they have children .


Karin quickly befriends Juugo when he enters Konoha High School on the Return to Class arc, and he is seen around her and Suigetsu on multiple occasions. While not much interaction is seen between the two because of his quiet nature, Juugo seems to enjoy her company and finds her relationship with Suigetsu quite interesting.Juugo is godfather to her of their children.



  • (To Sakura Haruno)"Shut up,you forehead girl!"'
  • (To Ino, Hinata, and Sakura)"Trying to pretend you're pretty? (Turns to Sakura) That's impossible for you, Sakura, because when it comes to school popularity, you are last on the list...."
  • (To herself)"Arggh! Since when did they have meetings like that, like, I couldn't imagine something to happen!"
  • (To Sakura)"Sakura....did you know Sasuke doesn't likes girls with short hair? Don't worry, this will only take a minute..."
  • (To Sasuke) ''Why would i answer you where i was's only matter where Sakura was''
  • (To Sasuke) ''I can't okay i can't do this ..this relationship between isn't real ok ?It's not love it's acting''